message series

One of Pastor Mike's deep convictions is that the Bible is a helpful tool for daily living. It is equivalent to a GPS instrument: the Bible provides a person with directions for arriving at one's destination successfully.  

  • What do you think God expects from us when it comes to the practice of prayer? When Jesus was here on earth, he taught his disciples about prayer. Some might even suggest that Jesus gave us a "recipe" for prayer. In this series we are going to dissect perhaps the most famous prayer of all-time. Most know it as "The Lord's Prayer", but I want to suggest that for You it can be more than that!

  • Are you busy? Chances are strong that you are crazy busy! In this series, we will uncover practical tools for slowing down and making space for those important relationships in our life: God, family, neighbors and ourselves. 

  • first place living

    a series through the book of Colossians

    May - July 2017

    This is a series that provides instruction for how to make Jesus "first place" in our lives.


    A Series Through the Gospel of John

    MARCH-APRIL 2017

    This is a series which focuses on the last week of Jesus' life; as showcased in the Gospel of John.

  • givers

    a series on generosity

    January 2017

    In this sermon series, Pastor Mike unpacks five specific arenas in which God invites us to practice generosity.  God is a Giver and He invites us to be like Him.  The happiest people in life are the givers; NOT the takers.

  • finish line living

    A Series Through the Book of 2 Timothy

    October - December 2016

    A Leadership-Mentoring Series: Winning the race of life is not just about "competing and running" the race.  Winning the race of life involves "passing the baton" effectively to another person.

  • you gotta move to improve

    A Series introducing various Bible Characters

    July - September 2016

    You can't get to where God wants you to be without unless you have a willingness to stretch and grow.  You've got to move to improve. 

  • The fruitful life

    a series based upon John 15

    April - June 2016

    God wants us to live a fruitful life. Is your "soil" seeded with the right ingredients?

  • who is jesus?

    a series through the gospel of john

    December 2015 - march 2016

    A walk through the book of John to discover the qualities of Jesus

  • Take the High Road Series

    a series through matthew 5

    October - November 2015

    An Audio sermon series from 2015

  • overcoming the Devil's schemes

    a series through the book of ephesians

    august - October 2 2015

    An Audio Sermon series from 2015.

  • how to worship God

    June - July 2015

    An Audio Sermon series from 2015